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'Blogifying' party websites

Posted on Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 10:15 AM by Andrew Chadwick

The new US Democratic Party website, launched at the end of June, 2005, has been radically 'blogified'. There is a prominent headline blog, but virtually the whole site, including most of its issue and subnational sections, has been given over to a chronological 'post and comments' format. There are no discussion boards, but the various blogs are already attracting some major traffic, especially given that it's a fairly quiet time in US electoral politics.

This is a direct result of the sea change that occurred in 2003-04. It represents a huge shift in the style of party websites, not only when compared with the 2000 campaign, but also the 2002 midterms. Dismissals of the non-interactive nature of politicians' sites (at least in the US) are looking increasingly anachronistic.

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