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Rick Boucher and Internet governance

Posted on Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 3:32 PM by Andrew Chadwick

US Representative Rick Boucher, (Democrat, Virginia) is continuing to raise concerns over the US Department of Commerce's and ICANN's handling of domain names. ICANN recently approved an agreement with US company Verisign which effectively grants the latter control over the .com domain for evermore, irrespective of whether Verisign handles it badly or raises registration fees. The deal must receive final approval from the Department of Commerce, but Boucher is concerned that handing such a lucrative contract to Verisign will fuel the controversy over US dominance of the net which came to a head at the second round of the World Summit on the Information Society back in November 2005.

A copy of a recent letter from Boucher to the House Energy and Commerce Committee can be found on Kieren McCarthy's blog.

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