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RSA Event - The Social Impact of the Web - final programme

Posted on Thu, May 24, 2007 at 2:51 PM by Andrew Chadwick

Here's the final programme for tomorrow's RSA Event. Hope to see you there.

The Social Impact of the Web:

Society, Government and the Internet

25 May 2007

Conference Programme

13.00 Registration

13.30 Welcome and Introduction by Matthew Taylor

13.35 Politics and the Web

Georgina Henry, Editor, Comment is Free & Editor, The Guardian

Andrew Chadwick, Head, Department of Politics and International Relations and Director, New Political Communication Unit, Royal Holloway, University of London

Tom Steinberg, Founder and Director, mySociety and former policy analyst

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA – Chair

14.05 Q & A

14.30 Coffee break

14.50 Web 2.0 and Social Innovation

MT Rainey, Founder, Horse’s Mouth Foundation

Bronwyn Kunhardt, Former Director of Citizenship, Microsoft

Nico Macdonald, Founder, Spy

Tommy Hutchinson, Founder, I - genius - Chair

15.20 Q & A

15.50 Does the web need a constitution?

Professor Cass Sunstein, Karl N. Llewellyn Dist. Service Prof. of Jurisprudence, Law School, Dept. of Political Science and the College, University of Chicago

Will Davies, Goldsmiths, University of London - Chair

16.30 Q & A

17.00 Close

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Fortnightly(ish) Link Roundup for May 19, 2007

Posted on Sat, May 19, 2007 at 5:25 PM by Andrew Chadwick
Amazon.com--News Release
veotag :.. what is veotag?
Google Builds Team in Quest to Conquer China
Techdirt: Despite Being Leaked Three Months Earlier, Shins Album Sets Sales Record
The Shrinking Long Tail - Top 10 Web Domains Increasing in Reach
Member of the Twittering classes | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology
Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia
Scientologists may take legal action in Panorama row | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited
Jon Cruddas: We were wrong about class. That's why we've lost votes | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited
Iraq veteran wins blog prize as US military cuts web access | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Bogart: community I'd like a meeting on the subject
Pew Internet: Pew Internet ICT Typology
Cluztr - What are your friends clicking on?
London Knowledge Lab - Home
OxIS - Oxford Internet Surveys
States Ponder Laws to Keep Web Predators From Children
A Boston Newspaper Prints What the Local Bloggers Write
$45 Million Invested in Internet TV Venture
Google to Block Video Clips That Thais Say Insult King
Center for Digital Democracy
techPresident – MySpace's Presidential TownHalls: YAOD or Something New?
PrezVid Show: Trippi speaks at PrezVid
Online elections: the clear and present danger - updated from Guardian Unlimited: Technology
Complexity and Social Networks Blog: eGooglement - How google is trying to improve the accesibility of government websites
Google Fails To Blink
Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Social Technographics and a Power Law of Participation
ICS Postgraduate Conference 2007
Shirky: Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality
eINDIA 2007
Update: Are Ron Paul Supporters Gaming Digg? » The Bivings Report
Digital World Research Centre - Home
INCITE - Incubator for critical inquiry into technology&ethnography

Fortnightly(ish) Link Roundup for May 9, 2007

Posted on Wed, May 09, 2007 at 6:42 PM by Andrew Chadwick
The Fair Tracing Project
Complexity and Social Networks Blog: Automatically Sensing Social Networks
Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and republish feeds
YouTube Launches Revenue Sharing Partners Program, but no Pre-Rolls
Add comments to a web page and spread a little "Jump" Knowledge
UNV Online Volunteering
[Citoyens et informaticiens pour un vote vérifié par l’électeur]
Hacking Democracy - Official Website and DVD
Electoral Reform Society - E-Voting
The Electoral Commission : Elections : Election reporting : Electoral pilot schemes : May 2007 pilot schemes
Participation on Web 2.0 sites remains weak | Technology | Internet | Reuters
EFF: DeepLinks
cDc paramedia: texXxt #409
NCVO - ICT Foresight - how online communities can make the net work for the VCS
All posts in Public information review: UK and Ireland E-Democracy Exchange: Democracies Online -
The Power of Information Review: online advice sites could improve citizen empowerment
Designing for Civil Society: Voter apathy? Try TheirSpaces
Pew Internet: Teens, Privacy and SNS
MySpace Will Hold Presidential Primary
WashingtonWatch.com - Welcome to WashingtonWatch.com
Opera Browser Wiki :: Power Buttons for Opera
Cool Buttons for Opera - YuMDaP.net's blog
Andreas Åkre Solberg » Blog Archive » Del.icio.us Opera Buttons
Extremely-fast del.icio.us bookmarking | the j-blog

The Digg rebellion

Posted on Wed, May 02, 2007 at 11:01 PM by Andrew Chadwick

An amazing day over at the popular news rating site Digg. In response to participants posting the DRM keys for HD-DVD (recently made widely available on the Internet by hackers), and fellow users 'digging' these, the team behind the site started deleting the posts and suspending user accounts. They did this due to a 'take down' notice issued by what the Digg blog refers to as 'the owners of this intellectual property'. This is a body known as the AACS licensing authority.

There then ensued a huge increase in the number of postings of the encryption key, and the number of diggs quickly spiralled out of control, reaching more than 50,000 as of this posting. When the company's founder, Kevin Rose, realised that it was going to prove impossible to delete the posts and suspend even more accounts, essentially destroying the essence of Digg itself, he threw in the towel, and probably settled in for a meeting with the company lawyers.

This seems to be a clear illustration of this: a core of activist posters and commenters are what drive web 2.0 sites. Without their support, good will, and leadership, a site will die.

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